Fall From Slip ‘N Slide Results in Traumatic Brain Injury

A woman from Michigan fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury on a popular but dangerous summer toy: a Slip ‘N Slide, according to Yahoo News.

After she fell, she started vomiting and seizing. She suffered a traumatic subdural hemorrhage. This kind of injury happens when blood collects between the outer layer of the covering of the brain, the dura, and the middle layer of the covering of the brain, the meninges.

It is often caused by torn, bleeding veins on the inside of the dura as a result of a blow to the head. Convulsions after head injury are one symptom of this condition. The diagnosis can be confirmed using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Blood can be drained by drilling a hole into the skull.

Rosee Douthett was originally from the Philippines and said she never had this kind of toy when she was growing up. Rosee, a registered nurse, and her husband, Jerry Douthett, were at a party with some coworkers when the fall happened.

She fell on the Slip ‘N Slide and hit her head. Her accident didn’t seem to be bad at first. She was sitting on the ground looking dazed, when her husband approached her and asked if she was okay. She said no, fell to the ground, and started having a full-blown seizure.

Luckily, since she was a registered nurse, she was surrounded by health professionals that she worked with. Her husband said she was “blessed” and “in the right place at the right time.”

An EMT, Anthony Alvarado, at the party kept her mouth open when she was seizing and performed CPR when her heart stopped. Her fellow nurses rushed to her aid, and were with her when she woke up in the hospital.

She said that she was grateful to God for blessing her and for giving her a quick recovery. She credits her friends, who she says are more than likely the reason she is still alive.

Rosee said that she still has headaches, and won’t be able to return to work as a nurse for a little while. She supports her family who still lives in the Philippines by sending a portion of her paycheck there. A GoFundMe page was started to raise money to help her and her husband.


Gordon Johnson

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