Zika Causes Joint Problems Too

It has been heavily reported that Zika virus can cause microcephaly in the infants of infected pregnant women. It is now being reported that Zika virus can cause joint deformities in the babies of infected pregnant women, according to BBC.


The virus, transmitted by mosquitoes, not only causes microcephaly, but also joint problems in newborn babies. (Flickr / Creative Commons / John Tann)

Zika is caused by a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. People with Zika virus can experience symptoms ranging from mild fever to skin rash, from conjunctivitis to muscle and joint pain, from malaise to headaches.

It can be transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, or it can be sexually transmitted. Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant are being urged to exercise extreme caution. Avoid traveling to areas where Zika virus is present. Zika virus can be diagnosed by exhibiting symptoms and having traveled or resided in an area with Zika or having a partner who has.

If you live in an area with Zika virus, it’s recommended that you do your best to avoid getting mosquito bites. Because of its prevalence in Brazil, some people are not going to the site of the 2016 Olympics.

Experts agree that the virus can cause brain damage in babies. It can cross the placenta from a mother to an unborn baby. It can also cause a nerve-weakening condition called Guillian-Barre syndrome in adults.

Researchers in Brazil are now seeing joint problems in newborn babies that could be caused by the virus too. It is fitting with a condition called arthrogryposis. The joints can be pulled too tightly together or be too flaccid, forcing the baby into unnatural positions. Hip, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and/or finger joint problems were among the host of problems observed by researchers in Brazil in newborn babies.

Rather than attacking the joints themselves, researchers believe that the virus attacks the area of the brain’s nerve centers that supply muscles around the joints, and brain scans bolster this concept.

Since the doctor found this condition in seven of the babies that she studied, she has found this condition in 14 other babies. She will continue running tests.

Although microcephaly is the most obvious complication of the virus, it is now being shown that this is just one of a spectrum of health problems that can be caused by this virus.


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